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Obniżka! Pololu 1121 - 120:1 Plastic Gearmotor 90-Degree Output Zobacz większe

Pololu 1121 - 120:1 Plastic Gearmotor 90-Degree Output

120:1 Plastic Gearmotor 90-Degree Output

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120:1 Plastic Gearmotor 90-Degree Output

This 120:1 gearbox with brushed DC motor has a low-current motor and provides power and speed that is comparable to an RC servo at a fraction of the cost. At 6 V, it has a free-run speed of 85 RPM and a stall torque of approximately 75 oz-in. Though the product picture shows two gearmotors, this product is for a single motor.

Pololu plastic gearmotor 90 deg. output with opened gearbox.

This 120:1 plastic gearmotor (gearbox with brushed DC motor) is a great low-cost alternative to modified hobby servos or Tamiya gearboxes. The low-current motor is a perfect match for our qik 2s9v1 dual serial motor controller or micro dual serial motor controller, and the compact size makes this unit an attractive choice for small robot designs. The recommended operating voltage range for this motor is 3 – 12 V.

This is a lower-torque, higher-speed version of the 200:1 plastic gearmotor 90-degree output. At 6 V, the gearbox and motor provide approximately 75 oz-in of torque and 85 RPM. The free-running current is 70 mA, and the stall current is 800 mA. The gearbox is protected by a built-in safety clutch that will typically slip before gear teeth can shear.

This gearmotor comes pre-assembled, with the gears fully enclosed. There are built-in mounting holes, and the output shaft is 6 mm long and 7 mm in diameter with two sides flattened. The output shaft is at a 90° angle from the axis of the motor shaft; we also sell a version of this gearmotor with an offset output shaft.

A custom-molded GMPW plastic wheel for this gearmotor is available in a variety of colors.

Dimensions (in mm) of the 120:1 and 200:1 plastic gearmotors with 90-degree outputs.

You can download a pdf version of this drawing here (104k pdf).

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