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Atmel AT91SAM7L-STK Starter Kit

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Atmel AT91SAM7L-STK Starter Kit

The AT91SAM7L-STK Starter Kit enables evaluation capabilities and code development of applications running on an AT91SAM7L64/128.
The AT91SAM7L-STK User Guide centers on the AT91SAM7L-STK board as an evaluation platform.

Key Features:

The board is equipped with an AT91SAM7L128 (128-lead LQFP package) together with the following:
  • One DBGU serial communication port
  • One ZIGBEE extension connector
  • One JTAG/ICE debug interface
  • Five user- input push buttons
  • One WakeUP input push button
  • One Reset Push Button
  • One Battery Socket for two AAA batteries
  • One 400 segments dot matrix LCD

The AT91SAM7L-STK rev.A package contains the following items:
  • An AT91SAM7L-STK rev.A board
  • Two AAA batteries



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