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Pololu 518 - GWS S03N XF Standard Servo

GWS S03N XF Standard Servo

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GWS S03N XF Standard Servo

The GWS S03N XF Standard Servo is the faster option between the S03N models we carry, providing 34 oz-in at a speed of 0.12 seconds per 60 degrees of motion at 6 V.

We carry a wide variety of servos, from ultra-high-torque monster servos with up to 1600 oz-in of torque, to sub-micro servos weighing less than 3 g (0.11 oz), to continuous rotation servos that are great actuators for beginner robotics projects, and all of our servos are compatible with our servo controllers.

Whatever your application, we probably have a servo for it! Our parametric search of our assortment of servos can help you find the servo you’re looking for.

Note: Servos must be connected to a servo controller, RC receiver, or microcontroller to be used. Except where specifically noted otherwise, our servos have female JR connectors, which are compatible with male JR connectors and male Futaba connectors as well as 1×3 0.1" male header pins.

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