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EVAL6470H-DISC - zestaw uruchomieniowy z mikrokontrolerem STM32F105 Zobacz większe

EVAL6470H-DISC - zestaw uruchomieniowy z mikrokontrolerem STM32F105

Zestaw uruchomieniowy z mikrokontrolerem STM32F105RBT6 (128 kB Flash, 64 kB) RAM oraz sterownikiem silnika krokowego L6470H

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ID: 231729

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fully integrated stepper motor driver based on the L6470 and STM32

It is a demonstration board for motor control applications in the range of 8 V to 45 V of DC bus voltage using the STM32F105RB microcontroller with an internal 128 kB Flash size and a 64 kB internal RAM and the L6470H fully integrated solution suitable for driving two-phase bipolar stepper motors up to 1/128 microstepping.

The L6470H integrates a dual DMOS full bridge with all of the power switches equipped with an accurate on-chip current sensing circuitry suitable for non dissipative current control and overcurrent protection.


  • Voltage mode driving featuring extreme smoothness
  • Up to 1/128 microstepping
  • Fully autonomous solution embedding an STM32™ MCU and the L6470H stepper motor driver
  • Compatible with SPIN family evaluation software
  • Wide voltage range from 8 V to 45 V
  • High phase current up to 3 Ar.m.s
  • Footprint optimized for external resonator or crystal
  • Switch motor input control
  • Keys start/left - stop/right - reset
  • Ready, busy, error LED indicators
  • Spare LED indicators for specific design
  • Adjustable supply voltage compensation


  • EVAL6470H-DISC Board



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