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Unlimited C compiler and assembler toolset for 8051 core-based microcontrollers

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The Raisonance  C Compiler Toolset for 8051 (RCA51) provides a complete, unlimited solution with all the tools that you need for compiling applications that will run on a wide range of 8051 microcontrollers.

To facilitate application creation, editing, compilation and debugging, the C compiler toolset is fully integrated in the Raisonance Integrated Development Environment (Ride). For debugging, the SIMICE-51 integrated simulator or the ROM-Monitor are available for debugging of up to 4 Kbytes of code.

The RCA51 includes the complete toolset for compiling, linking and assembling code, plus additional tools with the following capabilities:

  • Ride7 integrated development environment
  • RC-51 ANSI C compiler (unlimited)
  • MA-51 Macro Assembler  (unlimited)
  • LX-51 Code Banking Linker (unlimited)
  • KR-51 RTOS, supports up to 3 tasks
  • SIMICE-51 Simulator, debugs up to 4Kbytes of code

The RCA51 includes a renewable one-year support and software updates.

For an overview of features, go to the RKit-51-Lite / RCA51 / RKit-51-Enterprise feature comparison. A full-featured 30-day evalution is available at our support extranet.

Ordering notes:

If your require the installation on a CD, add the optional MCU-Software-CD to your shopping cart.