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MicroZed breakout carrier card, RoHS

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MicroZed breakout carrier card, RoHS

The Breakout Carrier Card supports the MicroZed™ Evaluation Kit and System-on-Module (SOM), providing easy access to 100 Programmable Logic (PL) user I/O available from the MicroZed SOM. Two 100-pin MicroHeaders on the carrier card mate with the MicroZed, connecting the Programmable Logic (PL) I/O to two simple 0.1” connector footprints as well as a bread-boarding area. The Breakout Carrier Card generates the necessary power rails for MicroZed, providing 5V to the MicroZed core and a user selectable bank voltage for the PL I/O and Breakout connectors. The Breakout Carrier Card is the simplest, least expensive way to enable the PL I/Os on the MicroZed SOM.


  • Interfaces
    • Two 100-pin board-to-board MicroHeaders
    • Two 60-pin (2x30) 0.1” footprints
      • Two 2x30 female sockets included in the kit
      • May be mounted by the user on either top or bottom side
      • Accesses 100 user I/O, 5V, VCCIO, GND and two control signals
  • Power
    • Internal
      • Proper sequencing and handshaking as per MicroZed Carrier Card Design Guide
      • 5V for MicroZed power routed from input power
      • 1.8/2.5/3.3V @ 1A regulator for MicroZed and Breakout VCCIO
    • Input
      • 5V @ 2A input via microUSB connector
    • (optional) Vbat header footprint for experimenting with Zynq security keys


  • Breakout Carrier Card
  • 5V @ 2A AC/DC power supply with microUSB power cable
  • MicroZed mounting hardware
  • Two 2x30 female sockets
  • Quick start card


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