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Piezo Vibration Sensor - Small Horizontal

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SEN-09198 Piezo Vibration Sensor - Small Horizontal


The Minisense 100 from Measurement Specialties is a low-cost cantilever-type vibration sensor loaded by a mass to offer high sensitivity at low frequencies. Useful for detecting vibration and ‘tap’ inputs from a user. A small AC and large voltage (up to +/-90 V) is created when the film moves back an forth. A simple resistor should get the voltage down to ADC levels. Can also be used for impact sensing or a flexible switch.

Comes with machine pins that allows for horizontal mounting.

We’ve seen this used as great musical inputs.


  • Flexible PVDF Piezo Polymer Film
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Laminated for higher voltage output
  • Breadboard friendly leads