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Versatile, complete, ergonomic script editor, validator and manager for automating control of Raisonance smart card test tools

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ID: 207541

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The RScript script editor, debugger and manager allows users to quickly and easily create their own test campaigns implementing Raisonance signal emulators such as ProxiLAB and ContactLAB. Through script-based control of Raisonance tools, users can control hardware tools with precision, automate repeated tasks and execute these as coordinated and highly automated test plans.

Raisonance provides script examples for controlling functions of all hardware tools, which serve as the starting point for creating complete test scripts. These can be quickly and easily edited, compiled and validated in the RScript interface. Scripts organized in projects can then be executed individually or in a coordinated manner that corresponds to the user's specific test requirements or plans.

The free limited version of RScript is provided with all Raisonance smart card hardware tools for simple script-by-script execution. The unlimited RScirpt-PRO is available from Raisonance supporting all hardware tools. Contact us now for pricing and demonstrations.