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Open4 with software tool set for ARM core-based microcontrollers, with GCC compiler, 3rd party-compiler support and advanced project management and debugging / programming features

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ID: 207604

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Open4 with RKit ARM Enterprise software toolset in conjunction with the Ride7 integrated development environment provides a complete solution for compiling and debugging your applications for a wide variety of ARM Cortex-M core-based microcontrollers.

The Open4 platform comes with STM32F103VG target board and the Open4 RLink adapter allowing users to develop and debug applications on the Open4 or on external applicaiton boards.

The RKit-ARM Enterprise is the software installation that brings functional device and compiler support to your Raisonance software installations and allows users to work with a growing range of ARM-core based microcontrollers. It includes support for the following capabilities:

  • Unlimited code compilation with included GCC compiler toolchain
  • Generic compiler interface for integrated support of 3rd-party C toolchains
  • Programming, debugging support for specific ARM core-based MCUs
  • Project manager with enhanced productivity features 
  • Advanced code editor
  • SIMICE simulator for ARM core-based MCUs
  • Script-based automation of common tasks (C, C++, JScript)
  • Integrated control of version management tools
  • Integrated control of code verfication tools
  • Run control and debugging views

Users also benefit from a renewable 1-year direct support contract and software updates that include support of new microcontroller variants.

For an overview of software features, go to the RKit-ARM-Lite / RKit-ARM-Enterprise feature comparison. A full-featured 30-day evalution is available at our support extranet.