MYD-LPC1850 Development Board
  • MYD-LPC1850 Development Board
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MYD-LPC1850 Development Board

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  • 180MHz NXP LPC1850 ARM Cortex-M3 Processor
  • 32MB SDRAM, 2MB Nor Flash, 4MB SPI Data Flash
  • UARTs, USB, Ethernet, CAN, RS485, TF, Audio, LCD, JTAG
  • Complete MDK-ARM Sample Codes
  • Optional 4.3" or 7.0" LCD/TSP

The MYD-LPC1850 development board is among the MYD-LPC185X series designed using NXP LPC1850 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontroller for embedded applications which includes up to 200kB of on-chip SRAM, a quad SPI Flash Interface (SPIFI), a State Configurable Timer (SCT) subsystem, two High-speed USB controllers, Ethernet, LCD, an external memory controller, and multiple digital and analog peripherals. The LPC1850 operates at CPU frequencies of up to 180 MHz.

The MYD-LPC1850 board takes full features of the NXP LPC1850 ARM microcontroller and exposes many peripheral interfaces including 3 UARTs, USB Host, OTG, Ethernet, 2 CAN interfaces, RS485, LCD, Audio, etc. It has 32MB SDRAM, 2MB Nor Flash and 4MB Data Flash as well as one Micro SD card slot to enhance storage capabilities.

The MYD-LPC1850 board comes with sample codes bundle for the peripherals using Keil's MDK-ARM to help users evaluate the NXP LPC1850 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller and detailed document as well as some necessary cable accessories to help users evaluate, learning and make prototype at a fast period. The board enables customers to develop a wide range of applications such as motor control, power management, industrial automation, robotics, medical, automotive accessories, and embedded audio.

Product Features

Processor NXP LPC1850FET256 (pin-to-pin compatible with NXP LPC1857FET256)

  • ARM Cortex-M3 processor, running at CPU frequencies of up to 180 MHz
  • 200 kB SRAM for code and data use
  • 32 kB ROM containing boot code and on-chip software drivers

Memory and Storages
2MB Nor Flash
1 x Micro SD card slot

Audio Interface
Audio input
Stero audio output port

LCD/Touch screen
Support 24-bit true color, resolution up to 1024 x 768 pixels
4.3" LCD Module with resolution 480 x 272 pixels
7" LCD Module with resolution 800 x 480 pixels
4-wire resistive touch screen

Data interface
3 x UART (UART0, UART2 and UART3, UART2 need external MAX3232)
1 x Hi-speed USB HOST
1 x Mini USB OTG
1 x Ethernet interface
2 x CAN interface
1 x RS485 (reused with UART1)
20-pin JTAG interface

1 x Power indicator
6 x User LEDs

Mechanical Parameters
Dimensions: 115mm x 90mm
PCB layers: 4-layer design
Power supply: 5V/2A or USB power supply

Sample Codes
Keil MDK-ARM example code

Do pobrania

Packing List

  • MYD-LPC1850 board 1pc - One MYD-LPC1850 Development Board
  • Ethernet cable 1pc
  • USB Cable 1pc
  • Serial cable 1pc - DB9 to DB9
  • DVD 1pc - user manual, schematic in PDF format, datasheet, software package

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