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ZEROPOWER® SRAM, 5 V, 64 Kbit (8 Kbit x 8), SOH28, STM, RoHS

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ZEROPOWER® SRAM, 5 V, 64 Kbit (8 Kbit x 8), SOH28, STM, RoHS

The M48Z58/Y ZEROPOWER® RAM is an 8 Kbit x 8 non-volatile static RAM that integrates power-fail deselect circuitry and battery control logic on a single die. The monolithic chip is available in two special packages to provide a highly integrated battery-backed memory solution.

The M48Z58/Y is a non-volatile pin and function equivalent to any JEDEC standard 8 K x 8 SRAM. It also easily fits into many ROM, EPROM, and EEPROM sockets, providing the non-volatility of PROMs without any requirement for special WRITE timing or limitations on the number of WRITEs that can be performed.

The 28-pin, 330 mil SOIC provides sockets with gold plated contacts at both ends for direct connection to a separate SNAPHAT® housing containing the battery. The unique design allows the SNAPHAT battery package to be mounted on top of the SOIC package after the completion of the surface mount process. Insertion of the SNAPHAT housing after reflow prevents potential battery damage due to the high temperatures required for device surfacemounting. The SNAPHAT housing is keyed to prevent reverse insertion.

For the 28-lead SOIC, the battery package (e.g., SNAPHAT) part number is “M4Z28-BR00SH1”.



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