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Obniżka! Patch shield for Arduino - v5.01 Zobacz większe

Patch shield for Arduino - v5.01

Adafruit 256 - Patch shield for Arduino - v5.01

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256 - Patch shield for Arduino - v5.01


The patch shield is a cross between a patch panel/bay and a Wingshield. Its designed for times when you want to have remote sensors, or a control panel, or LEDs, or...practically anything where you want to avoid doing a lot of icky wiring!
The shield comes with 4 breadboard-friendly satellite headers. To connect, use any off-the-shelf Ethernet cable. On the shield itself, the sockets act as a patch bay so you can quickly try out different wiring schemes. We think this design will come in handy!
The patch shield kit comes with one main shield PCB and four satellite PCBs as well as all the components necessary to assemble.

Note It does not come with an Arduino, Ethernet cables, breadboards or additional components. The kit is provided unassembled.


  • Dimensions (main board): 56mm x 53mm x 18mm (2.2in x 2.1in x 0.7in)
  • Dimensions (sat. board): 20mm x 26mm x 18mm (0.8in x 1in x 0.7in)
  • RoHS