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Segger J-Link ARM RDI

Support for RDI compatible ARM debuggers, Segger

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Segger J-Link ARM RDI

The JLink-RDI software is an RDI interface for J-Link. It makes it possible to use J-Link with any RDI compliant debugger. The package consists of 2 DLLs, which need to be copied to the same folder. In order to use these DLLs, they need to be selected in the debugger. It is a separate item and not included in the J-Link software.

Supported ARM Debuggers

J-Link RDI can be used with any RDI-compliant debuggers. In the following all RDI compliant debuggers which have been tested with J-Link RDI are listed.
  • ARM® Developer Suite™ (ADS)
  • ARM® RealView® Development Suite (RVDS) V3.0 (Since RVDS 3.1 removed RDI support, J-Link RDI will not work with RVDS 3.1)
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM)
  • RealView® Microcontroller Development Kit (Keil MDK)
  • Greenhills (GHS) MULTI

Unlimited Flash Breakpoints

The RDI DLL allows setting software breakpoints in flash memory areas, in the following called flash breakpoints. This makes it possible to set an unlimited number of flash breakpoints, rather than just the 2 hardware breakpoints permitted by the ICE. Setting flash breakpoints is executed very fast using a RAMcode specially designed for this purpose; on chips with fast flash the difference between breakpoints in RAM and Flash is unnoticeable.

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RDI allows various configuartion settings, such as:
  • Target system initialization via setup file
  • JTAG Speed and scan chain settings
  • Enable / disable Flash programming
  • Breakpoint settings (use software breakpoints, use Unlimited Flash Breakpoints)
  • CPU specific settings (Endianess, Reset strategy)
  • Enable / Disable Logfiles


Code: 8.08.03