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Six-Channel Digital Isolator, Maxim, SO16, RoHS

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Six-Channel Digital Isolator, Maxim, SO16, RoHS

The MAX14850 is a six-channel digital isolator utilizing Maxim’s proprietary process technology, whose monolithic design provides a compact and low-cost transfer of digital signals between circuits with different power domains. The technology enables low power consumption and stable high-temperature performance


  • Protection from High-Voltage Environments
    -600VRMS Isolation for 60 Seconds
    -Short-Circuit Protection on Unidirectional Outputs
  • Complete Digital Isolation Solution
    -Four Unidirectional Signal Paths: 2-In/2-Out
    -Two Bidirectional Open-Drain Signal Paths
    -50Mbps (max) Unidirectional Data Rate
    -Bidirectional Data Rate
  • Compatible with Many Interface Standards
    -I2C With Clock Stretching
    -RS-232, RS-422/RS-485
    -SMBus, PMBus Interfaces


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