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High voltage resonant controller, SO16N, STM, RoHS

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High voltage resonant controller, SO16N, STM, RoHS

The device is manufactured with the BCD OFF LINE technology, able to ensure voltage ratings up to 600 V, making it perfectly suited for AC/DC Adapters and wherever a resonant topology can be beneficial.


  • High voltage rail up to 600 V
  • dV/dt immunity ±50 V/ns in full temperature range
  • Driver current capability: 250 mA source 450 mA sink
  • Switching times 80/40 ns rise/fall with 1 nF load
  • CMOS shutdown input
  • Undervoltage lock-out
  • Soft-start frequency shifting timing
  • Sense op amp for closed loop control or protection features
  • High accuracy current controlled oscillator
  • Integrated bootstrap diode
  • Clamping on Vs