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3G / SAE Bundle

Erik Dahlman, Magnus Olsson

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ID: 169955

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Combining information on the most important and related technologies in the mobile communications field, this two book package gives the engineer a concise, complete and authoritative introduction to LTE and SAE and The Evolved Packet Core. Written by experts who played a leading role in the development of the standards, this package gives insight into the  'how' and 'why', enabling the professional engineer to implement the technologies that are central to the mobile broadband revolution.

  • Includes details of the standards and technologies with 160 new pages: LTE radio interface architecture, LTE physical layer and LTE access procedures

  • Contains three brand new chapters on LTE: Transmission Procedures, Flexible Bandwidth and LTE Evolution, plus expanded details on the physical layer (total LTE content is 270 pages)

  • Examines the latest developments in the evolution of LTE into IMT-Advanced, the next stage of 3G Evolution

  • Gives clear explanations of the role of OFDM and MIMO technologies in HSPA and LTE

  • Outlines the System Architecture Evolution (SAE) supporting LTE and HSPA evolution


    • Up-to-date coverage of SAE including the latest standards development

    • Easily accessible overview of the architecture and concepts defined by SAE

    • Thorough description of the Evolved Packet Core for LTE, fixed and other wireless accesses

    • Comprehensive explanation of SAE key concepts, security and Quality-of-Service

    • Covers potential service and operator scenarios including interworking with existing 3GPP and 3GPP2 systems

    • Detailed walkthrough of network entities, protocols and procedures

    • Written by established experts in the SAE standardization process, all of whom have extensive experience and understanding of its goals, history and vision