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Adsorption by Carbons

Eduardo Bottani, Juan Tascón

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ID: 170052

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This book covers the most significant aspects of adsorption by carbons, attempting to fill the existing gap between the fields of adsorption and carbonaceous materials. Both basic and applied aspects are presented. The first section of the book introduces physical adsorption and carbonaceous materials, and is followed by a section concerning the fundamentals of adsorption by carbons. This leads to development of a series of theoretical concepts that serve as an introduction to the following section in which adsorption is mainly envisaged as a tool to characterize the porous texture and surface chemistry of carbons. Particular attention is paid to some novel nanocarbons, and the electrochemistry of adsorption by carbons is also addressed. Finally, several important technological applications of gas and liquid adsorption by carbons in areas such as environmental protection and energy storage constitute the last section of the book.

- the first book to address the interplay between carbonaceous materials and adsorption
- includes important environmental applications, such as the removal of volatile organic compounds from polluted atmospheres
- covers both gas-solid and liquid-solid adsorption

I. Introduction

1. Overview of physical adsorption by carbons (K.S.W. Sing)
2. Overview of carbon materials in relation to adsorption (J.M.D. Tascón)

II. Fundamentals of Absorption by Carbons

3. Energetics of adsorption by carbons. Thermodynamic quantities (E.A. Bottani and J.M.D. Tascón)
4. Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics (M.J. Bojan and W.A. Steele)
5. Models of porous carbons (H. Bock, K.E. Gubbins and J. Pikunic)
6. The reasons behind adsorption hysteresis (T. Jakubov)
7. The surface heterogeneity of carbon and its assessment (J.P. Olivier)
8. Wetting phenomena (W.A. Steele)
9. Hydrogen adsorption in single-walled carbon nanotubes (J.K. Johnson and M.W. Cole)
10. Energetic topography effects (A.J. Ramirez-Pastor, J.L. Riccardo and G. Zgrablich)

III. Adsorption for Characterization of Carbon Materials

11. Porous texture characterization from gas-solid Adsorption (D.D. Do, E.A. Ustinov, H.D. Do)
12. Porous texture and surface characterization from liquid-solid interactions: immersion calorimetry and adsorption from solution (R. Denoyel, F. Rouquerol and J. Rouquerol)
13. Surface-chemical characterisation of carbons from adsorption studies (H.P. Boehm)
14. Adsorption on fullerenes (F. Suárez-García, A. Martínez-Alonso and J.M.D. Tascón)
15. Adsorbed gases in bundles of carbon nanotubes: theory and simulation (M.M. Calbi, M.W. Cole, S.M. Gatica, M.J. Bojan and J.K. Johnson)
16. Adsorption on carbon nanotubes: experimental results (A.D. Migone)
17. Adsorption on activated carbon fibers (A. Linares-Solano and D. Cazorla-Amorós)
18. Adsorption on ordered porous carbons (H. Darmstadt and R. Ryoo)
19. Electrochemical behaviour of carbon materials (A.E. Bolzan and A.J. Arvia)
20. Self-assembled monolayers on C(0001) (F. Terán Arce, J.L. Zubimendi, M.E. Vela, R.C. Salvarezza and A.J. Arvia)

IV. Applications of Adsorption by Carbons

21. Removal of inorganic gases and VOCs on activated carbons (T.J. Bandosz)
22. Gas separation and storage by activated carbons (S. Sircar)
23. Electrochemical energy storage (F. Béguin and E. Frackowiak)
24. Adsorption of inorganic species from aqueous solutions (P. Le Cloirec and C. faur-Brasquet)
25. Adsorption of organic solutes from dilute aqueous solutions (C. Moreno-Castilla)
26. Adsorption from aqueous solutions; water purification (G. Newcombe)
27. Sorption of viscous organics by macroporous carbons (M. Inagaki, M-. Toyoda, N. Iwashite and F. Kang)