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Architectural Acoustics

Marshall Long, Moises Levy, Richard Stern

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Architectural Acoustics presents a comprehensive technical overview of the field at a level suitable for working practitioners as well as advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate architecture or engineering course. The book is structured as a logical progression through acoustic interactions. Beginning with an architectural history, it reviews the fundamentals of acoustics, human perception and reaction to sound, acoustic noise measurements and noise metrics, and environmental noise. It then moves into wave acoustics, sound and solid surfaces, sound in enclosed spaces, sound transmission loss, sound transmission in buildings, vibration and vibration isolation, noise transmission in floor systems, noise in mechanical systems, and sound attenuation in ducts.

Chapters on specific design problems follow including treatment of multifamily dwellings, office buildings, rooms for speech, sound reinforcement systems, rooms for music, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums, sanctuaries, and studios and listening rooms. While providing a thorough overview of acoustics, it also includes the theory of loudspeaker systems and sound system modeling as well as an in-depth presentation of computer modeling, ray tracing and auralization. It will be particularly beneficial for architects and engineers working in fields where speech intelligibility, music appreciation, and noise isolation are critical.

* Comprehensive guide to the basics of acoustical science and its applications to architectural design.
* Author is renowned expert engaged in acoustical engineering for 20 years
* Covers the latest environmental regulations and health and safety research related to sound inside and outside of buildings.

1. Historical Introduction
2. Fundamentals of Acoustics
3. Human Perception and Reaction to Sound
4. Acoustic Measurements and Noise Metrics
5. Environmental Noise
6. Wave Acoustics
7. Sound and Solid Surfaces
8. Sound in Enclosed Spaces
9. Sound Transmission Loss
10. Sound Transmission in Buildings
11. Vibration and Vibration Isolation
12. Noise Transmission in Floor Systems
13. Noise Generation in Mechanical Systems
14. Sound Transmission in Ducts
15. Design Construction and Residential Buildings
16. Design of Rooms for Unamplified Speech
17. Sound System Design
18. Design of Auditoria and Sanctuaries
19. Design of Studios and Listening Rooms
20. Concert Hall Design
21. Acoustic Modeling, Ray Tracing, and Auralization.