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Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics

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Consumer electronics engineers, technicians, and managers, embedded engineers, system engineers, product designers & developers, network engineers and managers, programmers, marketing and sales personnel, and providers of content to electronic device end users

* Presents best practices for selecting, integrating, and using storage devices to achieve higher performance, greater reliability and lower cost
* Teardown photos provide rare visuals of the "guts" of the devices discussed
* Covers hot topics including flash memory, DVRs, Apple iPods, home networks, and automotive electronics, from basic layouts to standards, advanced features, and exciting growth opportunities

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of hard disk drives
Chapter 3: Fundamentals of optical storage
Chapter 4: Fundamentals of flash memory and other solid state memory technologies
Chapter 5: Storage in home consumer electronic devices
Chapter 6: Storage in mobile consumer electronic devices
Chapter 7: Integration of storage in consumer devices
Chapter 8: Development of home network storage and home storage virtualization
Chapter 9: The future of home digital storage
Chapter 10: Standards for consumer electronics storage and appendices
Appendix A: Specification comparison of some 1.8-inch hard disk drives and a flash solid state drive.
Appendix B: Home networking technology trade groups
Appendix C: Companies making various storage products used in consumer applications