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Electronic Security Systems

ID: 171999

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Electronic Security Systems is a book written to help the security professional understand the various electronic security functional components and the ways these components interconnect. Providing a holistic approach to solving security issues, this book discusses such topics as integrating electronic functions, developing a system, component philosophy, possible long-term issues, and the culture within a corporation. The book uses a corporate environment as its example; however, the basic issues can be applied to virtually any environment.

For a security professional to be effective, he or she needs to understand the electronics as they are integrated into a total security system. Electronic Security Systems allows the professional to do just that, and is an invaluable addition to any security library.

* Provides a well-written and concise overview of electronic security systems and their functions
* Takes a holistic approach by focusing on the integration of different aspects of electronic security systems
* Includes a collection of practical experiences, solutions, and an approach to solving technical problems

Chapter 1 Electronic Access Control
Chapter 2 Badge Making
Chapter 3 Biometrics
Chapter 4 Electronic Alarm Systems
Chapter 5 Fire Systems
Chapter 6 Exterior and Interior Security Sensors
Chapter 7 Closed Circuit Television
Chapter 8 Wireless
Chapter 9 Intercoms and Controls
Chapter 10 Security Control Center
Chapter 11 Database Management
Chapter 12 System Configuration Control
Chapter 13 Process Automation
Chapter 14 Building Automation
Chapter 15 Integration
Chapter 16 Consolidation
Chapter 17 Maintenance and Testing
Chapter 18 Security Design Process
Chapter 19 Special Compliance
Chapter 20 Trends