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Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compounds

Mahendra Rai, Maria Carpinella

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This timely book provides an overview of natural products/botanicals used for the management of insect-pest and diseases. It will help readers to update and widen their knowledge about natural products and their bio-activities against plant pathogens. The volume explores activity, chemistry, toxicity and geographic distribution of plants. Discussions concerning the methodology used for the detection of active principles, their mode of action and commercial prospects are of utmost importance and worthy of note.

* Focuses on recent achievements in natural bio-actives
* Global coverage of natural products / plants
* Targets the most important issues of natural botanicals/ biocides
* Includes innovative ideas with lucid explanations
* Contains specialized chapters, such as, natural control of multi-drug resistant organisms, anti-salmonella agents, natural house-dust-mite control agents, and naturally occurring anti-insect proteins, etc.
* Covers research on bioactives: From Lab to Field and Field to Market
* Includes eco-friendly and economically viable herbal technology

List of contributors
Natural compounds as antioxidant and moulting inhibitors can play a role as a model
for search of new botanical pesticides
Pesticides Based on Plant Essential Oils: From Traditional Practice to Commercialization
Natural substrates and Inhibitors of Multidrug Resistant Pumps (MDRs) redefine the plant
Rational Design of Multifunctional Anti-Salmonella Agents Based on Natural Products
Role of Melia azedarach L. (Meliaceae) for the control of insect and acari: Present status and
future prospects
Bioactivity of Fabaceous Plants Against Food-borne and Plant Pathogens: Potentials and
Screening of Plants Against Fungi Affecting Crops and Stored Foods
Opportunities and potentials of botanical extracts and products for management of insect
pests in cruciferous vegetables
The Potential for Using Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) Extracts for Pine Weevil
Management in Temperate Forestry
Plant Allelochemicals in Thrips Control Strategies
Importance of plant secondary metabolites for protection against insects and microbial
Naturally Occurring House Dust Mites Control Agents: Development and Commercialization
The search for plant-derived compounds with antifeedant activity
An overview of the antimicrobial properties of mexican medicinal plants
Promissory botanical repellents/deterrents for managing two key tropical insect pests, the
whitefly Bemisia tabaci and the mahogany shootborer Hypsipyla grandella
Naturally occurring anti-insect proteins: Current status and future aspects
Antifungal Natural Products : Assays and Applications