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DFRobot Memory Metal Actuator - NM706

Memory Metal Actuator - NM706

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DFRobot Memory Metal Actuator - NM706


Shape Memory metals that were developed by NASA for the space industry, and have been used for increasing applications down on earth.For example,there have been limited studies on using these materials in robotics. They make it possible to create very light robots.
The surplus NanoMuscle NM706-Super muscle wire (shape memory alloy) actuators are still available in large quantities. The tiny NM706-Super memory metal actuator provides 0.16" of stroke with 2 oz. output force, and comes housed in a plastic body section for easier mounting. As with most of our actuators, use of the MADv5 provides end-of-stroke protection, and MOSFET power switching for simple connection to your power supply or batteries.


  • Automotive
    • Bi-directional grill louver mechanism
    • Fuel tank door release mechanism
    • Trunk, glove compartment release mechanism
  • Consumer
    • Memory card ejector
    • Electronic latch release
    • Security doors and locks
    • Biometric sensor assist
  • Hobby/Miscellaneous
    • Grasping device
    • Undersea Core Sampling Robot
    • Point Of Use sale items
    • Latch release for ROVs
    • Pneumatic actuator replacement


  • Size: 50x10x8mm
  • Weight: 5g


Code: FIT0256