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Obniżka! TerasIC HSMC High Speed Cable (FCB-3041-SMT) Zobacz większe

TerasIC HSMC High Speed Cable (FCB-3041-SMT)

TerasIC HSMC High Speed Cable

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  • Spec: HSMC male connectors at both ends
  • Size: 12 inches (304.80 mm)
  • Compatibility: DE2-115 , DE4A2GX , C3H and all Altera host boards with HSMC interface

HSMC High-Speed cable allows users to connect two mainboards with HSMC interface together. For example, DE2-115, DE4 and other host boards which have HSMC interface can be connected through this High Speed cable.

*Please note:
1. The HSMC High Speed Cable does not include power signals or JTAG signals, so the cable will not supply power or JTAG chains.




DE2-115 linking with DE2-115  
DE4 linking with DE4