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Freescale Tower Elevator Module

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Freescale Tower Elevator Module

The TWR-ELEV Elevator modules are the basic building block of the Freescale Tower System. Designed to connect microcontroller and peripheral modules, the Elevator modules provide the power regulation circuitry and structural integrity needed for all configurations of an assembled Tower System.


The TWR-ELEV comes packaged with one Primary and one Secondary Elevator board. Each Elevator board includes:
  • Four 164-pin card-edge connectors carrying standardized serial and expansion bus signals
  • Two 2x80 connectors on backside for easy signal access and side-mounting board (e.g. TWR-LCD)
Additionally, the Primary Elevator provides power regulation circuitry and power inputs from a standard USB mini-B connector or a screw terminal.

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Kit Contains

  • Functional Elevator board
  • Dummy Elevator board



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