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MYD-SAM9X35 Development Board

MYD-SAM9X35 Development Board, MYIR

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Więcej informacji

The MYD-SAM9X35 Development Board base ATMEL AT91SAM9G25 ARM9 processor work at 400MHZ, is a full function evaluation kit features with rich periphery interfaces and OS support Linux 2.6.3 and Andriod 2.3.5.

It carries memories include 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NandFlash and 4MB DataFlash. The board support interfaces include USB Host/OTG,Ethernet, LCD module,CAN,RS485 and SPI etc.This Development Board helps users to extensively evaluation, develop hardware and software cover many fields like consumer appliances, printers, video process , vending machines, display system, PDA device and web terminals.

The MYD-SAM9X35 belongs to MYD-SAM9X5 development board series.It shares the same PCB circuit with other types in MYD-SAM9X5 development board series; it works as base board MYB-SAM9X5 plugged on a MYC-SAM9X35 CPU Module by SODIMM200 connector. This development board help users to evaluation, customization and develop a reliable product by embed the CPU Module directly, cut down design time and material cost effectively.

Development Board Features


  • ATMEL SAM9X35 ARM9 processor
  • On-chip: 32KB SRAM,64KB ROM

Memory and storage

  • 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB Nand-Flash, 4MB DataFlash, 64KB EEPROM
  • SD Card slot

Periphery interfaces

  • Serial port
    • 1x DBGU(Debug Unit)
    • 1xUART0(reuse with RS485)
    • 2x extended UART1 andUART3(without MAX3232),1x UART2(have MAX3232)
  • RS485 reuse with UART0,switch by jumper
  • LCD interface (MYD-SAM9G15/G35/X35 support 4.3’’/7.0’’ TFT LCD Module)
  • 2xCAN (Available on MYD-SAM9X25 and MYD-SAM9X35 support)
  • 2xHigh speed USB HOST
  • 1x mini USB OTG
  • SD Card slot
  • Ethernet
    • MYD-SAM9G15 doesn’t support Ethernet.
    • MYD-SAM9X25 support 2x Ethernet port(J10 and J11)
    • MYD-SAM9G25,MYD-SAM9G35,MYD-SAM9X35 support one Ethernet port(J11)
  • 2xSPI ,2xI2C , 4xADC and 41xGPIO pins(refer to user manual for reuse pins)
  • Debug interface: 20-pin, 2.54mm JTAG standard.

Board features


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