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Zestaw uruchomieniowy dla modułów z mikroprocesorem SPEAR320S-2, STM, RoHS

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Zestaw uruchomieniowy dla modułów z mikroprocesorem SPEAR320S-2, STM, RoHS

This evaluation board can be used to evaluate the SPEAr320S microprocessor with a variety of devices and especially its Media Independent Interface (MII) Automation mode.The EVALSP320SPLC evaluation kit includes a single application board identified as "MII mode".The SPEAr320S microprocessor is mounted on a separate CPU board, which is not included with the EVALSP320SPLC kit. It must be ordered separately with order code EVALSP320SCPU.The EVALSP320SCPU board must be plugged on the MII mode application board.The MII mode application board is equipped with two Ethernet, three RS-232, one RS-485, two CAN, SPI, I2C communication interfaces and MicroSD card socket with SDIO interface. There are also two general-purpose push-buttons, four LEDs, a temperature sensor and a potentiometer available for the user interface.The application board also includes digital input/output serial/parallel connectors with a pinout compatible to many existing evaluation boards from ST.The application board can be powered using a standard DC power supply (7 V to 30 V DC) or directly using a 24 V DC industrial mains supply.


  • 2 x Ethernet RJ-45 connectors (ST802RT1A)
  • 2 x CAN DB9 plug connectors
  • 3 x RS-232 DB9 plug connectors (ST3232EBTR)
  • 1 x RS-485 DB9 socket connector (ST3485EBDR)
  • Digital input connectors (parallel and serial) compatible with STEVAL-IFP007V1, STEVAL-IFP008V1 and STEVAL-IFP004V1 evaluation boards
  • Digital output connectors (parallel and serial) compatible with STEVAL-IFP009V1, STEVAL-IFP001V1, STEVAL-IFP002V1 and STEVAL-IFP006V1 evaluation boards
  • On-board temperature sensor (STLM20W87F) and potentiometer (analog input for ADC)
  • Analog extension connector featuring 8 ADC lines
  • General-purpose extension connector with GPIOs and I2C functionality
  • DC/DC converter L7986A (+24 V / +5 V)
  • MicroSD card socket
  • 4 LEDs, 2 general-purpose buttons and system reset button



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