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Power LED Driver IC, SC74-6, Infineon, RoHS

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Power LED Driver IC, SC74-6, Infineon, RoHS

The BCR450 is a LED driver IC optimized for usage with an external power transistor for driving LED’s above 100mA. For currents up to 85mA the BCR450 can be used in stand alone operation. The output current level can be adjusted with an external sense resistor.
The IC can be switched on and off by an external signal, which is also suitable to regulate brightness of the LEDs by PWM dimming.
The precise internal bandgap stabilizes the circuit and provides stable current conditions over temperature range.
Additional features are included to protect the LED’s from overload, short circuit events as well as from over voltage. The LED’s can be also protected against thermal overload by thermally coupling the LED’s to the BCR450.