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TerasIC D5M

5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera Package

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5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera Package


The 5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera Development Package provides everything you need to develop a 5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera on the Terasic FPGA system board. The kit contains hardware design (in Verilog) and software to load the picture taken into the PC and save it as BMP/JPG file. The Getting Started User Guide shows users how to exercise the digital camera functions.


  • Complete reference design with source code in Verilog
  • A User Manual with Live Demo examples
  • Support exposure time controlling - users can adjust the exposure according to the light of the surrounding area
  • Support motion capture mode
  • Software allows users to upload the picture captured into PC and save the picture into bitmap format or Joint Photographic Experts Group for viewing.
  • Equipped with Micron 5 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor
    • Support 2,592H x 1,944V active pixels
    • Output data in RGB Bayer Pattern format
    • Full resolution frame rate up to 15 frame per second(FPS)
  • Provide users entire reference design (Frame Grabber, high-performance multi-port SDRAM frame buffer, image processing IPs)
  • Support Altera DE3/ DE2_70/ DE2/ DE1/DE0 and Cyclone II Starter boards
  • Size:78*59.5 mm


The TRDB_D5M Module is designed for Altera DE4 / DE2-115 / DE3 / DE2-70 / DE2 / DE1 / DE0 / and Cyclone II Starter Board.


  • Connect D5M with DE2-70

  • Connect D5M with DE3
  • Connect D5M with Altera DE4
  • Connect D5M with Altera DE2-115
Users can also choose a 4.3''LCD Touch Panel Module as the display device instead of using default VGA output.



TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
TRDB_D5M User Manual-19562010-09-06
D5M Outgoing Defect Specification-1422010-01-18

Kit Contents

The package of D5M module includes:
  • One D5M module
  • One System CD

Code: P0001