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SBC9261-I (MH12D) with 7'' TFT Zobacz większe

SBC9261-I (MH12D) with 7'' TFT

Komputer jednopłytkowy (Single Board Computer) SBC9261-I with 7'' TFT i TP

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ID: 137691

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Embest SBC9261-I is a low power, high performance single board computer based on Atmel AT91SAM9261S ARM926EJ-S microcontroller intended for applications like HMI (Human Machine Interface), data acquisition system, handheld devices, and intelligent instruments. It has a flexible design with a tiny daughter board Mini9261-I mounted directly onto the mother board through a DIMM 200-pin connector.

The daughter board of the SBC9261-I has AT91SAM9261S processor and memories on board. It exposes most features of the AT91SAM9261S through DIMM 200-pin. The mother board integrates a rich set of peripherals and interfaces including Ethernet, USB Host & Device, CAN, RS232/TTL/RS422 Serial ports, Audio, LCD, Keyboard, SD/MMC, Buttons, LEDs and etc.

Embest offers Linux 2.6.24 BSP and WinCE6.0 BSP for this board. Customers can use it already or use it for your design reference.

SBC9261-I board overview                  AT91SAM9261S datasheet

3.5 inch TFT-LCD display module datasheet (NMA35QV65-B1-K01)

SO-DIMM board to board connector datasheet


Dimensions141.4 x 109.5 mm (expansion board)
67.6 x 47 mm (CPU board)
Working temp.0~70 Celsius
Power supply+5V
ProcessorAtmel AT91SAM9261S (ARM926EJ-S core, Capable of 200MHz operation, AT91SAM9261 is compatible)
Memory64MB SDRAM
128MB NandFlash (bootable, selected through jumper, support 256MB for option)
4MB SPI Serial DataFlash (bootable, selected through jumper)
4MB NorFlash (support 8MB for option)
1Kbit EEPROM (DS2431)
Serial ports1 x 9-wire RS232 serial port
1 x 5-wire RS232/TTL serial port
1 x 3-wire RS232/TTL serial port (Debug unit)
1 x RS422 serial port or one 3-wire TTL serial port

1 x CAN2.0 interface

Ethernet1 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet port (RJ45)
USB2 x USB2.0 Host and 1 x USB Device
LCD1 x 40-pin LCD display interface (TFT)
(Supporting resolution up to 2048×2048)
Touch panel4-channel 12-bit ADC
VGAStandard VGA display port (CH7026)
Keypad4 x 4 keypad port
RTCwith a rechargeable battery
Memory CardSD card socket
LEDs2 x LEDs
Power indicator2 x power indicators
Buttons4 x buttons (one for Wakeup, one for Reset)
Audio1 x Mic jack
1 x Phone jack
JTAG20-pin standard JTAG slot
SPI1 x SPI interface (multiplex with CAN interface)
Bootloaderuboot1.1.5 (source code)
Linux2.6.24 (source code) , ramdisk, yaffs2 file-system


LinuxBootVersionu-boot 1.1.5
Boot ModeBoot from Data Flash, NAND Flash or Nor Flash
Download ModeSupport downloading kernel and file system from SAM-BA or Ethernet
Kernel and driversVersionLinux 2.6.24
DriverSerial, RTC, NET, Nand, LCD, Touch Screen, Audio out, SD, USB, VGA, Keypad, CAN, GPIO
File SystemFile Systemyaffs2 file system, can be read and written
Graphic librariesQt/Embeded QtopiaAlready ported
WinCEBootVersionEboot (Wince 6.0)
Boot ModeBoot WinCE from NAND Flash or Data Flash
Download ModeSupport downloading image from Ethernet, VS2005 or SAM-BA
DriverSerial, RTC, NET, Nand, LCD, Touch Screen, Audio out, SD, USB, VGA, Keypad, CAN, GPIO

Function Diagram

Remark: Current board RS485 port is with RS422 signal.


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