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A - Z of Filtration and Related Separations

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This book is a concise encyclopaedia-type publication which covers all aspects of filtration and separation in alphabetical form including: all filtration media; all types of filtration and related equipment; all relevant processes; all applications within which terminology is used which is particular to filtration.

It covers solid/liquid separations, solid/gas separations, solid/solid separations, liquid/liquid separations, liquid/gas separations and three phase separations. It includes membrane technology as well as fringe technologies such as ion exchange, electrostatic precipitation and dialysis.

It is a ready reference source for all and any aspect of the subject, and will be of great value to the filtration specialist as well as process engineers whose job encompasses filtration.

·Single resource for definitions, explanations and concepts
·Practical and theoretical
·All phases covered
·Illustrated throughout
·Keep on your desk, lab bench or workshop

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