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A Baker's Dozen

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This book has been written to help digital engineers who need a few basic analog tools in their toolbox. For practicing digital engineers, students, educators and hands-on managers who are looking for the analog foundation they need to handle their daily engineering problems, this will serve as a valuable reference to the nuts-and-bolts of system analog design in a digital world.

This book is a hands-on designer's guide to the most important topics in analog electronics-such as Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog conversion, operational amplifiers, filters, and integrating analog and digital systems. The presentation is tailored for engineers who are primarily experienced and/or educated in digital circuit design. This book will teach such readers how to "think analog" when it is the best solution to their problem. Special attention is also given to fundamental topics, such as noise and how to use analog test and measurement equipment, that are often ignored in other analog titles aimed at professional engineers.

* Extensive use of case-histories and real design examples.

* Offers digital designers the right analog "tool" for the job at hand.

* Conversational, annecdotal "tone" is very easily accessible by students and practitioners alike.

About the Author
1. Bridging the Gap Between Analog and Digital
2. The Basics Behind Analog-to-Digital Converters
3. The Right ADC for the Right Application
4. Do I Filter Now, Later or Never?
5. Finding the Perfect Op Amp for your Perfect Circuit
6. Putting the Amp into a Linear System
7. SPICE of Life
8. Working the Analog Problem from the Digital Domain
9. Systems Where Analog and Digital Work Together
10. Noise - The Three Categories: Device, Conducted and Emitted
11. Layout/Grounding (Precision, High Speed and Digital)
12. The Trouble With Troubleshooting Your Mixed-Signal Designs Without the Right Tools
13. Combining Digital and Analog in the Same Engineer, and on the Same Board
Appendix A: Analog-to-Digital Converter Specification Definitions
Appendix B: Reading FFTs
Appendix C: Op Amp Specification Definitions and Formulas