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Additives for Polyolefins

Michael Tolinski

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This book focuses on the polyolefin additives that are currently important in the plastics industry, alongside new additives of increasing interest, such as nanofillers and environmentally sustainable materials. As much as possible, each chapter emphasizes the performance of the additives in the polymer, and the value each relevant additive brings to polypropylene or polyethylene. Where possible, similar additives are compared by capability and relative cost.

With major sections for each additive function, this book provides a highly practical guide for engineers and scientists creating and using polyolefin compounds, who will find in this book a wealth of detail and practical guidance. This unique resource will enable them to make practical decisions about the use of the various additives, fillers, and reinforcements specific to this family of materials.


Michael Tolinski is a freelance writer and a lecturer at the University of Michigan's College of Engineering. He is a frequent contributor to Plastics Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering.

  • Structured to make it easy for the reader to find solutions for specific property requirements

  • Contains a number of short case studies about companies that have used or developed a particular additive to achieve a desired result

  • Covers environmental resistance, mechanical property enhancement, appearance enhancement, processing aids, and other modifications of form and function

SECTION I: OVERVIEW OF POLYOLEFINS AND ADDITIVES -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Trends in polyolefin & additive use -- SECTION II: ENVIRONMENTAL RESISTANCE -- 3 Antioxidants and heat stabilization -- 4 Ultraviolet light protection & stabilization -- 5 Flame-retarding additives -- 6 Additives for modifying electrical properties -- SECTION III: MECHANICAL PROPERTY ENHANCEMENT -- 7 Overview of fillers & fibers --8 Factors determining selection of fillers and fibers SECTION IV: APPEARANCE ENHANCEMENT -- 9 Colorants -- 10 Nucleation and clarity -- SECTION V: PROCESSING AIDS -- 11 Processing aids for molding -- 12 Processing aids for extrusion -- SECTION VI: OTHER MODIFICATIONS OF FORM AND FUNCTION -- 13 Reducing density: Polyolefin foams -- 14 Coupling, compatibilizing, recycling, and biodegradability -- 15 Cross-linking -- 16 Sterilization & radiation resistance -- 17 Aesthetics enhancement and surface modification -- SECTION VII: CONCLUSION: INCORPORATING ADDITIVES -- 18 Adding Additives to resin: -- References -- Index