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Adhesives Technology Handbook

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Following the successful first, the second edition is a complete guide to all that is required to successfully bond materials. It is both a reference and a source for learning the basics for those involved in the entire product value chains. Basic principles of adhesion such as surface characterization, types of adhesive bonds, and adhesion failure topics are covered in addition to a description of common adhesive materials and application techniques

. Provides the end user practitioners of adhesion technology with a complete guide to bonding materials successfully
. Covers most substrates, including plastics, metals, elastomers and ceramics, explaining basic principles and describing common materials and application techniques
. Arranges information so that each chapter can be studied selectively or in conjunction with others

1. Introduction and Adhesion Theories; 2. Basic Concepts of Surfaces and Interfaces; 3. Material Surface Preparation Techniques; 4. Classification of Adhesives and Compounds; 5. Characteristics of Adhesive Materials; 6. Adhesives for Special Adherends; 7. Joint Design
8. Adhesive Applications and Bonding Processes; 9. Solvent Cementing of Plastics; 10. Durability of Adhesive Bonds; 11. Testing of Adhesive Bonds; 12. Quality Control; 13. Economic, Environmental, Safety Aspects and Future Trends