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Advances in Enzyme Regulation

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A direct spinoff of the Advances in Enzyme Regulation journal this internationally acclaimed series reports progress at the cutting edge in the strategic area of regulation at the molecular level. In an integrated presentation of original papers, leading scientists, Nobel Prize winners and other outstanding experts from many countries review the best research produced each year and evaluate what is newest and what promises to be the most important in clinical and basic investigations.

The volumes serve as guideposts and beacons for investigators in planning research and teaching students in basic and clinical fields of endeavour. These books advance the general front of studies on metabolic regulation and the understanding of the molecular biology of control of gene expression by hormones, drugs and growth factors in cancer cells and in clinical situations of diabetes, inborn errors of metabolism and neoplasia.

List of Participants
Session I. Regulation of Apoptosis
Session II. Enzyme Regulation: Clinical Relevance
Session III. Role of Cellular Localization in Enzyme Regulation
Session IV. Hypoxia and Enzymic Targets
Session V. Regulation of Carbohydrate Enzymes
Session VI. Regulation in the Nucleus
Session VII. Control of Signal Transduction
Session VIII. Regulation of Signaling Pathways
Session IX. Regulation Through Phospholipase
Session X. Regulation Through Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase
Session XI. Enzyme Regulation as Therapeutic Strategy
Session XII. Special Symposium Lecture: Paul Lalalay
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