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Asterisk Hacking

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Asterisk Hacking shows readers about a hacking technique they may not be aware of. It teaches the secrets the bad guys already know about stealing personal information through the most common, seemingly innocuous, highway into computer networks: the phone system. The book also comes with an Asterisk Live CD (SLAST) containing all the tools discussed in the book and ready to boot!

This book shows readers what they can do to protect themselves, their families, their clients, and their network from this invisible threat. Power tips show how to make the most out of the phone system and turn it into a samurai sword - for defense or attack!

*Asterisk Live CD (SLAST) containing all the tools discussed in the book and ready to boot!
*Contains original code to perform previously unthought of tasks like changing caller id, narrowing a phone number down to a specific geographic location, and more!
*See through the eyes of the attacker and learn WHY they are motivated, something not touched upon in most other titles

What is Asterisk and why do you need it?
Installing Asterisk
Add-ons and Modules
Asterisk Hardware Ninjutsu
Protocols, say what?
Asterisk Underground
Lock it down!
Reach out and touch someone: The future of Asterisk Hacking