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Biocatalysis in Oil Refining

M. Ramirez-Corredores, Abhijeet Borole

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Biocatalysis in Oil Refining focuses on petroleum refining bioprocesses, establishing a connection between science and technology.
The micro organisms and biomolecules examined for biocatalytic purposes for oil refining processes are thoroughly detailed. Terminology used by biologists, chemists and engineers is brought into a common language, aiding the understanding of complex biological-chemical-engineering issues. Problems to be addressed by the future R&D activities and by new technologies are described and summarized in the last chapter.

* Updated references
* Studying bioprocessing problems, looking at opportunities for improvements and technology developments

1. Introduction.

2. Conventional Refining Processes.

3. Emerging Biocatalytic Processes.

4. Biotechnology and Supporting Companies.

5. R&D Technological Results.

6. Research Needs and Future Directions.

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