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Waveguide Spectroscopy of Thin Films
  • Waveguide Spectroscopy of Thin Films
ID: 175917
Alexander Khomchenko

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In this book new methods of study of the linear and nonlinear optical properties of thin films are presented. These techniques are based on the principles of the spatial Fourier spectroscopy of the light beam reflected from a prism-coupling device with the tunnel excitation of guided lightmodes in thin-film structures. Measurement techniques of determination of the absorption coefficient, refractive index and thickness of the dielectric, semiconductor or metallic films are considered.
This book is highly recommended for specialists in the fields of integrated and thin film optics and for graduated students in related specialties.

· There are new techniques of measurement of thin-film parameters stated





1. Interaction of light with matter

2. Spectroscopy of optical guided modes

3. New applications of the m-line technique for thin-film structure studying

4. Spatial Fourier spectroscopy of guided modes: measuring the thin-film parameters

5. Characterizations of thin films by prism coupling of leaky modes

6. Measurements of absorption spectra of thin films

7. Applications of waveguide spectroscopy techniques in sensor systems

8. Optical nonlinearity in thin films at low-intensity light

9. Optical nonlinearity in multilayer structures



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