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Elsevier's Dictionary of Information Security

G. Manoilov, B. Radichkova

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ID: 172026

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The dictionary will contain terms currently used in the broad fields of electronics data protection and data management in today's interconnected world - the Global Village. The terminology will cover all aspects of the modern technology's best practices in multiple subfields, namely: physical (hardware and perimeter) security, wired and wireless telecommunication infrastructure security, internet (e-commerce and business-to-business) security, anti-virus and anti-spyware applications, virtual private networking, theory and practices of cryptography, corporate security policies'methodology, design, implementation and enforcement.

5000 terms in English, German, French and Russian

* a valuable reference tool for both the general public and the industry experts
* can be used as knowledge support in theoretical projects
* could also serve as a handy desktop reference book in day-to-day operations in a multilingual environment