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Handbook of Knot Theory

William Menasco, Morwen Thistlethwaite

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ID: 172715

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This book is a survey of current topics in the mathematical theory of knots. For a mathematician, a knot is a closed loop in 3-dimensional space: imagine knotting an extension cord and then closing it up by inserting its plug into its outlet. Knot theory is of central importance in pure and applied mathematics, as it stands at a crossroads of topology, combinatorics, algebra, mathematical physics and biochemistry.

* Survey of mathematical knot theory
* Articles by leading world authorities
* Clear exposition, not over-technical
* Accessible to readers with undergraduate background in mathematics

Hyperbolic Knots - Colin Adams
Braids: A Survey - Joan S. Birman and Tara E. Brendle
Legendrian and Transversal Knots - John B. Etnyre
Knot Spinning - Greg Friedman
The Enumeration and Classification of Knots and Links - Jim Hoste
Knot Diagrammatics - Louis H. Kauffman
A Survey of Classical Knot Concordance - Charles Livingston
Knot Theory of Complex Plane Curves - Lee Rudolph
Thin Position in the Theory of Classical Knots - Martin Scharlemann
Computation of Hyperbolic Structures in Knot Theory - Jeff Weeks