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Thermodynamics is a self-contained analysis of physical and chemical processes, based on classical thermodynamic principles. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental principles, with a conbination of theory and practice, and demonstrating their application to a variety of disciplines.
Included in this work are new approaches to irreversible processes, electromagnetic effects, adsorption phenomena, self-assembly, the origin of phase diagrams, critical phenomena, and Carathéodory's treatment of the second law. This book will appeal to graduate students and professional chemists and physicists who wish to acquire a more sophisticated overview of thermodynamics and related subject matter.

· Easy-to-understand style appeals to both chemists and physicists
· Discusses treatment of electromagnetic phenomena and adsorption of surface gases surfaces
· Extensively revised to cater for advanced courses in thermodynamics

Chapter 1. Fundamentals

Chapter 2. Equilibrium in ideal systems

Chapter 3. Characterization of nonideal solutions

Chapter 4. Thermodynamic properties of electrolytes

Chapter 5. Thermodynamic properties of materials in externally applied fields

Chapter 6. Irreversible thermodynamics

Chapter 7. Critical phenomena

Chapter 8. A final speculation about ultimate temperatures - a fourth law of thermodynamics

Chapter 9. Reprise to the second law. Mathematical proof of Carathéodory's theorem and resulting interpretations