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Voice Over WLANS

Michael Finneran

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Wireless local area networks (WLANs) have traditionally been used to transport only data, but are now being used to carry voice traffic as well as provided new combined voice and data services. Voice over WLANs also offers more flexibility than wired networks (changes to a WLAN don't require changes to installed wiring) and greater capacity than wired networks. This book provides a solid overview of voice over WLANs/VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, including voice coding, packet loss, delay and "jitter," and "echo" control. It shows how to combine both WLAN and VoIP technology to create effective voice over WLAN systems.

* Gives complete details on integrating voice and data services on WLANs, including wide area networks
* Explores quality of service (QoS) and security issues
* Step-by-step descriptions of how to plan and implement voice over WLAN networks

The Convergence of Wireless LANs and VoIP; Wireless LAN Switches; 802.11 Radio Link Specifications; Media Access Control Protocol; Privacy and Security Issues in WLANs; Voice Over IP; Quality Issues in IP Telephony; Telephone System Design/Voice Traffic Engineering; WLAN Voice Configuration; Technical Requirements for WLAN Voice; Designing a Wireless LAN for Voice; Network Management Issues in Wireless LANs; WLAN/Cellular Integration: Products and Strategies