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USB Complete. The Developer's Guide. Fourth Editio

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This book is for developers who are involved with designing or programming devices that use the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. If you are a hardware designer, if you write firmware that resides inside USB devices, or if you write applications that communicate with devices, this book is for you.

SB is versatile enough to serve a multitude of device functions. Familiar USB peripherals include mice, keyboards, drives, printers, speakers, and cameras. USB is also suitable for data-acquisition units, control systems, and other devices with specialized functions, including one-of-a-kind designs. The right choices of device hardware, software drivers and development tools & techniques can ease the path to designing devices that perform their functions without error or user aggravation. This book will guide you along the way.

What's New in the Fourth Edition

The core of USB has remained much the same since the release of USB 1.0 in 1996. But the interface has expanded to support faster bus speeds, improved power management, more device classes, wireless communications, dual-role devices (device & host), and more. Plus, new & improved chips and development tools have eased the task of developing devices & software to access them.

This edition is revised & updated throughout. All new in the Fourth Edition is an introduction to USB 3.0 and the SuperSpeed bus. You'll also learn how to use Microsoft's WinUSB driver to access devices that perform vendor-specific functions. Topics with major updates include device-controller chips, technologies for wireless USB communications, protocols for conserving power, and USB device classes.