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Essential Methods for Design Based Sample Surveys

Danny Pfeffermann, C.R. Rao

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Essential Methods for Design Based Sample Surveys presents key method contributions selected from the volume in the Handbook of Statistics: Sample Surveys: Design, Methods and Applications, Vol. 29a (2009).


This essential reference provides specific aspects of sample survey design, with references to important contributions and available software. The content is aimed at researchers and practitioners who use statistical methods in design based sample surveys and market research. This book presents the core essential methods of sample selection and data processing. The data processing discussion covers editing and imputation, and methods of disclosure control. This reference contains a large variety of applications in specialized areas such as household and business surveys, marketing research, opinion polls and censuses.

  • Delivers a thorough overview of the methods of statistical sample survey design in a wide range of applications

  • Provides a one-stop review of modern methods in statistical sample survey design

  • Presents essential statistics methods of sample selection and data processing

1. Introduction to Survey Sampling
2. Designs for Surveys over Time
3. Design, Conduct, and Analysis of Random-Digit Dialing Surveys
4. Statistical Disclosure Control for Survey Data
5. Sampling and Estimation in Household Surveys
6. Sampling and Estimation in Business Surveys
7. Sampling, Data Collection, and Estimation in Agricultural Surveys
8. Sampling and Inference in Environmental Surveys
9. Survey Sampling Methods in Marketing Research: A Review of Telephone, Mall Intercept, Panel, and Web Surveys
10. Sample Surveys and Censuses
11. Opinion and Election Polls