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UFO Y-4 - mały multicopter z obudowanymi śmigłami i aparaturą 2.4GHz

Dron napędzany czterema silnikami ze śmigłami w układzie Y-4. Dzięki precyzyjnej stabilizacji żyroskopowej, możliwe jest łatwe sterowanie i wykonywanie skomplikowanych akrobacji. W zestawie znajduje się m.in. aparatura 2.4GHz z czytelnym LCD (mode 2). HK34252

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UFO Y-4 Micro Multicopter w/2.4GHz Transmitter and Auto-Flip Feature (Mode 2) (RTF) (34252)

Are you new to multirotor aircraft or simply looking for a quality ready to fly model? Either way, we've got you covered with the UFO Y-4 multicopter! This model comes in a completely "Ready to Fly" package including a full function 2.4GHz transmitter, lipoly batteries and charger.

The UFO features a lightweight plastic body which not only looks cool but protects the propellers as well. You can bump into walls, ceilings, furniture, even people and pets (though not recommended) without damaging your propellers. Despite this if you do somehow manage to damage one, a spare set is included in the box!

The UFO Y-4 is one of the most stable micro multicopters that we have ever flown. This is due to its high quality gyro stabilization system which makes the model very easy to fly. It provides smooth, locked in flight characteristics making it perfect for beginners and advanced pilots alike. It even features an auto-flip function by push of a button on the transmitter. Simply push the button and watch the UFO flip automatically. This is a super cool feature that will make you look like a pro while flying.

Unique looks, enclosed propellers, excellent flight performance and 2.4GHz interference-free operation makes the UFO Y-4 multicopter a real winner!

Be sure to check out the flight video above!

• Completely "Ready to Fly"
• 2.4GHz transmitter w/LCD screen
• Unique Y-4 motor configuration
• Super stable flight characteristics
• One-button flip mode
• Plastic full body offering great looks and protection for the propellers
• Great for both beginners and experienced pilots

*Note: Color may vary.

Length: 180mm
Height: 65mm
Flying Weight: 77g

UFO Y-4 Multicopter
2.4GHz transmitter w/LCD screen (mode 2 - left stick throttle)
2 x 3.7V 300mAh lipoly batteries
Dual channel USB charger
Spare propellers
User manual