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QTouch Xplained evaluation kit, Atmel

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QTouch Xplained evaluation kit, Atmel

QTouch Xplained is an easy to use low-cost evaluation kit, which demonstrates QTouch and the QTouch Library features. The QTouch Xplained utilizes the Xplain to do this.

The kit demonstrates how a QTouch solution requires only a very simple circuit design and a minimum of external components. It includes support for eight QTouch channels: a slider (3 channels), a wheel (3 channels) and two keys (1 channel each).

Key Features:

  • Xplain compatible top module for Atmel® capacitive touch - QTouch
  • Two buttons
  • One slider
  • One wheel

QTouch Xplained Content:

  • QTouch Xplained board



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