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Atmel Sensors Xplained Inertial One

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Atmel Sensors Xplained Inertial One


ATAVRSBIN1 Sensors Xplained Inertial One System Board is a part of Atmel's Xplained series of evaluation and development tools that provides a compatible series of Processor Boards, System Boards and Software Environment enabling easy selection and development across a wide range of 8 to 32 bit AVR processor products.


  • Compatible with all Atmel® AVR® Xplain MCU boards
  • Full nine-degree-of-freedom inertial sensing
  • InvenSense three-axis MEMS gyroscope (ITG-3200)
  • Bosch Sensortec three-axis MEMS accelerometer (BMA150)
  • AKM three-axis electronic compass (AK8975)
  • All sensor drivers available within the Atmel AVR Software Framework
  • Temperature sensing through ITG-3200 or BMA150

This platform is ideal for developing a wide range of interface, control and monitoring applications.


  • ATAVRSBIN1 board



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