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mXT143E Xplained maXTouch evaluation kit, Atmel

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mXT143E Xplained maXTouch evaluation kit, Atmel

The Atmel mXT143E Xplained is an add-on board for the Xplained evaluation and demonstration kits. The board contains a 2.8 inch LCD display with Atmel ATmXT143E capacitive touch screen controller, ITO sensor, and an SD card interface.

This kit requires an Xplained MCU board, sold separately.

The capacitive touch module used in this kit is the TM2800 manufactured by Precision Design Associates Inc. They sell the module without Xplained add-on board adapter as an off the shelves LCD touch screen module ready for integration into your own design.

  • 2.8 inch mXT143E LCD display module from Precision Design Associates (PDA)
    • Atmel® ATMXT143E touchscreen controller
    • Capacitive touch ITO
    • 320 x 240 pixel LCD display with SPI interface
    • LED backlight
  • Memory
    • Standard 2GB SD card (SPI interface)
  • Xplained header compatible


  • mXT143E Xplained evaluation board
  • SD card