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High voltage high side driver, 160V, SO8, STM, RoHS

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High voltage high side driver, 160V, SO8, STM, RoHS

The L9856 is an high voltage device, manufactured with the BCD "OFF-LINE" technology.

It has the capability of driving N-Channel Power MOS transistors. The upper (floating) section is enabled to work with voltage rail up to 160V. The logic Inputs are CMOS/TTL compatible for ease of interfacing with controlling devices.


  • High voltage rail up to 160V
  • dV/dt immunity ±50V/nsec in full temperature range
  • Driver current capability: 500mA source, 500mA sink
  • Switching times 100ns rise/fall with 2.5nF load
  • CMOS/TTL Schmitt trigger inputs with hysteresis
  • Under voltage lock out
  • Clamping on VCC
  • Loading circuit for external Bootstrap capacitor
  • Inverting input
  • Reset circuitry
  • SO-8 package