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HummingBoard-i2 + zasilacz + karta microSD 8GB + Wifi/Bluetooth

HummingBoard-i2 jest wydajnym modelem z tej serii. Wyposażony jest w moduł z dwurdzeniowym procesorem i.MX6 Dual Lite oraz 1 GB RAM. Komputer jest mechanicznie zgodny z Raspberry Pi. Zestaw zawiera komputer, zasilacz, kartę microSD 8GB i moduł Wifi/Bluetooth.

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HummingBoard-i2 220V Power Adapter + 8GB Micro SD + WiFi/Bluetooth


The HummingBoard i2 package offers an upgraded processing platform, featuring a dual-core System on Module together with increased RAM for larger applications and more demanding systems. This HummingBoard package is paired with our basic carrier board focused on a minimal cost offering without unnecessary input and output capabilities for mainstream hobbyist projects.


  • System On Chip: i.MX6 Dual Lite
  • Core Count: 2
  • Memory size: 1GB
  • Memory Config: 64 bit, 1GB @ 800Mbps
  • GPU : GC880
  • 3D GPU: Type OpenGL ES1.1,2.0
  • Video Engine: Multi format video decoder and encoder
  • HDMI 1080p with CEC: 1.4, 3D support
  • MIPI CSI 2.0 Camera: 2 Lane CSI-2
  • Wired Network: 10/100/1000
  • Powered USB 2.0: 2
  • UHS-1 Micro SD interface: Yes
  • Coax SPDIF audio out: Yes
  • Audio Out: PWM Mono output
  • GPIO header: UART, 8 GPIO, SPI with 2 CS, I2C

Block Diagram


How to connect cables and peripherals to your HummingBoard

Meet the HummingBoard – an overview

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The Hummingboard is compatible with all Raspberry Pi model A and B cases. It is not compatible with model B+ cases.


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