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Carbon Based Magnetism

Tatiana Makarova, Fernando Palacio

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Magnetism is one of the most intriguing phenomena observed in nature. Magnetism is relevant to physics and geology, biology and chemistry. Traditional magnets, an ubiquitous part of many everyday gadgets, are made of heavy iron- or nickel based materials. Recently there have been reports on the observation of magnetism in carbon, a very light and biocompatible element. Metal-free carbon structures exhibiting magnetic ordering represent a new class of materials and open a novel field of research that could lead to many new technologies.

· The most complete, detailed, and accurate Guide in the magnetism of carbon
· Dynamically written by the leading experts
· Deals with recent scientific highlights
· Gathers together chemists and physicists, theoreticians and experimentalists
· Unified treatment rather than a series of individually authored papers
· Description of genuine organic molecular ferromagnets
· Unique description of new carbon materials with Curie temperatures well above ambient.

Editors Preface


1. Localized Spins Exchange-coupled with Itinerant Electrons in Organic &pgr;-electronic System (T. Sugawara and M.M. Matsushita)

2. Magneto-structural Correlations in @pgr;-Conjugated Nitroxide-based Radicals: Hydrogen-bonds and Related Interactions in Molecular Organic Solids (P.M. Lahti)

3. Persistent High-spin Organic Polyradicals (H. Murata and H. Nishide)

4. Verdazyl-based Magnetic Systems (K. Mukai)

5. Quantum Spin Magnetism in Nitroxide-based Compounds (Y. Hosokoshi and K. Inoue)

6. The Magnetism of &pgr;-Orbitals under Pressure (K. Takeda and M. Mito)

7. Spin Density Distribution and Interaction Mechanisms in Thiazyl-based Magnets (J. Campo, J. Luzón, F. Palacio, and J. Rawson)

8. Magnetic Bistability in Molecule-based Magnetic Materials (K. Awaga, W. Fujita, T. Tanaka, H. Matsuzaki, and H. Okamoto)

9. The Nature of Effective Exchange Interaction (K. Yamaguchi, S. Yamanaka, and Y. Kitagawa)

10. Magnetism of Fullerene Charge-transfer Complexes (A. Omerzu and M. Tokumoto)

11. Diamagnetism of Diamond and Graphite (A.V. Nikolaev and B. Verberck)

12. Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Nanographites (K. Wakabayashi)

13. Flat-band Ferromagnetism in Organic Crystals (K. Kusakabe)

14. Magnetism in Nanometer-scale Materials that Contain No Magnetic Elements (A. Oshiyama and S. Okada)

15. Interactions and Disorder in 2D Graphite Sheets (F. Guinea, M.P. López-Sancho, and M.A.H. Vozmediano)

16. The Magnetic Nature of Intrinsic and Irradiation-induced Defects in Carbon Systems (P.O. Lehtinen, A.V. Krasheninnikov, A.S. Foster, and R.M. Nieminen)

17. Unconventional Magnetic Properties of Nanographite (T. Enoki and K. Takai)

18. Ferromagnetic and Superconducting Instabilities in Graphite (Y. Kopelevich, S. Moehlecke, and R.R. da Silva)

19. Induced Magnetic Order by Ion Irradiation of Carbon-based Structures (P. Esquinazi, R. Höhne, K.-H. Han, D. Spemann, A. Setzer, M. Diaconu, H. Schmidt, and T. Butz)

20. Magnetic Properties of Novel Carbon Allotropes (A.V. Rode, A.G. Christy, E.G. Gamaly, S.T. Hyde, and B. Luther-Davies)

21. McConnel Model for the Magnetism of C{INF}60{L/INF}-based Polymers (A.N. Andriotis, M. Menon, R. M. Sheetz, and E. Richter)

22. The Mechanism of the Magnetic Interaction in Polymeric-C{INF}60{L/INF}- Fullerenes (J. Ribas-Ariño and J.J. Novoa)

23. Ferromagnetism in Defective Polymerised C{INF}60{L/INF}- (J.A. Chan, B. Montanari, and N.M. Harrison)

24. Ferromagnetic Carbonaceous Compounds (T.L. Makarova)

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